The ISPOR Student Network consists of 8 committees that liaise with the ISPOR staff, Student Network Advisor, Student Network Chair, Student Network Past Chair, and Faculty Advisor Council. Each committee has a key role in supporting ISPOR's mission to advance health economics and outcomes research excellence globally. If you are the chapter president of your university or a member of the Executive Committee, you are eligible to participate in one of the committees. To learn more or get involved with Student Network committees, please email us.


Chapter Development Committee

  • Responsibilities: Works collaboratively with ISPOR staff to identify, contact, and convert prospective ISPOR Student Chapters. The Ccommittee will work closely with the Member Engagement Committee to facilitate the Adopt-A-Chapter Mentorship Program for any chapters that have interest. The new chapter’s president will connect with a chapter president from an existing chapter based on geographic location or the type of academic programs offered. The Committee will also work with ISPOR staff to facilitate the reinstatement of recently inactive chapters through the identification of faculty within the university.

Education Committee

  • Responsibilities: To coordinate educational webinars each semester that will provide ISPOR student members with the opportunity to learn from established researchers in HEOR. The Committee will work to identify speakers and topics based on input from the Student Member Interest Survey, recommendations from prior committee members, and through consulting with the Faculty Advisor Council (FAC). Upon confirming speakers and topics, the Committee will consult with ISPOR staff on confirming dates to avoid conflicts.
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Grant Review Committee

  • Responsibilities: Work with ISPOR staff to review and approve chapter activity grant submissions based on established criteria. The Committee will follow up with the chapter if there are any clarifications or changes required for the event to gain approval. Once the activity grant has approval, the Committee will let ISPOR staff know for processing purposes and will also update a Google Docs spreadsheet accessible by the newsletter and social media committees so they can follow up with the chapter.
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Meeting Planning Committee

  • Responsibilities: To assist ISPOR staff and the Student Network Chair with planning student events during ISPOR conferences (members will choose between North America, Latin America/Asia Pacific, and Europe). The Committee will work to enhance students’ educational experience and facilitate networking. The Committee will identify ways to improve existing offerings of events and implement new ones in coordination with ISPOR staff.
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Membership Engagement Committee

  • Responsibilities: To maintain and grow ISPOR student membership through periodic outreach to new chapter presidents by offering insights and suggestions on how their Chapter can become more engaged. The Membership Engagement Committee will collaborate with the Publication Committee to make students aware of student recruitment campaigns. The Committee will also create and maintain flyers that tailor the benefits of membership based on the student’s program of study (ie, flyer highlighting ISPOR benefits specific to PharmD or PhD students).
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Publication Committee

  • Responsibilities: To report on chapter activities and to provide information about issues that may be of interest to ISPOR student members. Articles for the newsletter may also include helpful tips and insights about networking, research methods, or other HEOR-related content. The Newsletter Committee creates a crossword puzzle for each issue designed for students to compete to win a prize. Committee members will be responsible to liaise with other committees to collect latest news (ie, survey releases, activity grants, webinars, etc).
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Social Media Committee

  • Responsibilities: To facilitate strategies and tactics that will grow ISPOR student engagement on the various social media platforms that ISPOR operates, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. The Social Media Committee will also be responsible for soliciting postings from student chapters for any recent events held. The Committee will also follow up with chapter activity grant recipients to post photos and summaries of their events on the Student Facebook Group. This role may include evaluating and providing feedback on new social media platforms as well as how to better utilize existing channels.
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)

Survey and Evaluation Committee

  • Responsibilities: Work with ISPOR staff to design, test, implement, and evaluate annual surveys for distribution to student members and chapter presidents. The Committee will utilize the data collected to help ISPOR staff in developing improvements or enhancements of existing Student Network activities. The Committee will handle annual (student member interest) and biennial (internship and summer employment survey and student member benefit) surveys. The Committee will also work on additional studies and ad hoc projects as needed (eg, introduce a member testimonial survey) under the direction of the staff liaison.
  • 2017-2018 Committee Report (PDF)
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