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The ISPOR Africa Network 

he ISPOR Africa Network was established in January 2014 and is a group within the organizational structure of ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, that consists of ISPOR regional chapters from different countries in Africa. It is a forum for regional chapter members interested in the science of health economics (pharmacoeconomics) and outcomes research and its use in healthcare policies and decisions in Africa region.

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  • ISPOR Europe 2018 to be held in Barcelona, Spain 10-14 November 2018
  • ISPOR EMEA Global Groups – CEE Consortium, Arabic Network, Africa Network and Regional Chapters are contributing  with a number of activities to ISPOR Europe 2018: The Executive Committees of the ISPOR EMEA Global Groups will meet in Barcelona (prior RSVP was requested) to discuss their groups’ Annual Agendas for 2019. Several ISPOR Chapters from the region hold meetings to update on the current HEOR trends and collaborative activities in their regions. The EMEA global groups are delivering Forum presentations on Monday and Tuesday and the ISPOR CEE Consortium Reception on Monday evening will offer a great opportunity to connect with peers and experts from the region. Go to the ISPOR Europe 2018 site

Upcoming Conferences

ISPOR Warsaw 2019
| Warsaw | Poland
| New Orleans, LA | USA
ISPOR Latin America 2019
| Bogotá | Colombia


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    News Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa
    April 2018 Issue

  • ViHRI_cover_170x185

    Value in Health Regional Issues

    Value in Health Regional Issues is a MEDLINE®-indexed, scientific, peer-reviewed journal to encourage and enhance the science of pharmacoeconomic/health economic and health outcomes research and its use in healthcare decisions in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. Manuscript submission is open year-round.

  • Value in Health Regional Issues focusing on Central & Eastern Europe, Western Asia & Africa

    Call for Papers: Manuscript submission is open year round!

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  • Call for Reviewers 

    To be included in the reviewer pool: 1) click here, 2) then click on the ‘Register’ link at the top of the page, and 3) complete and submit your registration.

Other Resources

  • Health Technology Assessment Central

    ISPOR's Health Technology Assessment Central is a comprehensive repository of resources and tools to support health technology assessment (HTA). HTA Central helps bridge the gap between health economics and outcomes research and other disciplines that inform HTA and healthcare decisions.

  • Health Systems Road Map

    The ISPOR Global Healthcare Systems Road Map provides information on country/region-specific decision-making processes for regulatory (market access) approval, reimbursement and economic evaluations of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and diagnostics.

Awards and Grants

ISPOR recognizes members and thought leaders in the field of health economics and outcomes research through a wide variety of scientific achievement and leadership awards, research presentation awards, and conference travel grants. 

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