Several years ago, ISPOR convened an ad hoc advisory body of healthcare decision makers to provide strategies to ISPOR on bridging the gap between outcomes research and healthcare decisions (Healthcare Strategy Council). Key issues identified by this advisory body were education/training, health policy/market force, methods/standards, information availability/access/sharing/applicability, and credibility/integrity/bias. ISPOR has implemented many educational programs and addresses methods/standards and credibility/integrity/bias through its Good Practices for Outcomes Research. However, information availability/applicability/access/sharing were issues which could best be addressed by professionals who use outcomes research information to develop evidence to inform healthcare decision makers. Since health technology assessment (HTA) informs many healthcare decision makers - regulatory agencies, healthcare payers, clinicians, hospitals, clinics, health authorities, and patient groups, the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Roundtables were formed.


The mission of the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Council is to:

  • Provide a platform for regional ISPOR HTA Roundtables to share issues and recommendations
  • Provide guidance in the translation and use of outcomes studies as useful information in the health technology assessment and healthcare decision-making processes.
  • Address issues and concerns of decision makers globally.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of initiatives related to use of outcomes research information by healthcare decision makers.

Membership and Structure


Council Structure


Council Chair

Brian O'Rourke, PharmD

President, Brian O'Rourke Health Care Consulting Inc.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Asia Pacific Roundtable Chair

Churn-Shiouh Gau, PhD
Chief Executive Director. Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE)
Taipei, Taiwan

Europe Roundtable Co-Chairs

Rui Santos Ivo, PharmD
Vice President. INFARMED
Lisbon, Portugal

Iga Lipska, MD, PhD
Plenipotentiary of the National Health Fund President for Hospital-based HTA, HQ National Health Fund
Warsaw, Poland

Latin America Roundtable Chair

Verónica Gallegos, DrPH, MHA
Deputy Director. Centro Nacional de Excelencia Tecnológica en Salud (CENETEC)
Mexico City, Mexico

Middle East Africa Roundtable Chair

Mouna Jameleddine, PharmD, MSc
Head Health Technology Assessment Department, National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation in Healthcare (INEAS)

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Roundtable North America Co-chairs

Jessica Daw, PharmD, MBA
VP Pharmacy, Sentara Health Plans
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Mitch Moneo, BA
Assistant Deputy Minister, Pharmaceutical Services Division, British Columbia Health Ministry
Victoria, BC, Canada

Working Groups

  • Challenges of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) In Pluralistic Healthcare Systems: An ISPOR HTA Council Working Group


For More Information

For more information about health technology assessment, please see HTA Central.

Please contact us for information about the Health Technology Assessment Council, Roundtables, or other HTA initiatives.

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