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West China Chapter Recognized With the 2019 Outstanding Regional Chapter Award – Congratulations!

ISPOR West China Chapter has been recognized with the Outstanding Regional Chapter Award, delivering outstanding contribution and leadership in advancing ISPOR’s mission in the region. The ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award Program was introduced by ISPOR in 2017 to recognize outstanding contribution and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters in advancing the Society's mission in its global regions - Asia Pacific; Latin America; and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. ISPOR also congratulates the ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg and Colombia Regional chapters for being recognized with the award. Additional information about the award can be found here.

The Chapter President, Dr Xin Sun, will be accepting the award during the second plenary session at ISPOR Europe 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. An interview with him and other awarded chapter presidents will be featured in the November/December 2019 issue of Value & Outcomes Spotlight.


The Second China Annual Congress on Real-World Data and Studies

21-22 June 2019

With the joint efforts of the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu Big Data Association, China Real-World Data and Studies Alliance (ChinaREAL), and ISPOR West China Chapter, the Second China Annual Congress on Real-World Data and Studies was successfully held on 21-22 June 2019 in Chengdu, China. Featured with the theme of improving data use, innovating research and supporting regulatory decisions, the congress discussed the use of real-world data and evidences for healthcare and policy decisions through methods workshops, case presentations, plenary meeting, and parallel sessions. The topics of the congress included the use of real-world evidence for regulatory decisions, drug or medical devices administration, disease management, and evidence-based medicine.  

The congress attracted a number of international and domestic experts, including Dr Elizabeth Loder, head of research and epidemiology editor of The British Medical Journal, Dr Xavier Kurz, Head of the Surveillance and Epidemiology Service of Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology Department in European Medicine Agency, Dr Deyuan Jiang, and Dr Chief Guobiao Gao from Medical Devices Registration and Management Department of National Medical Production Administration of China, Ning Jia, director from Hainan Medical Production Administration, Xuehong Wan, executive vice president from West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The congress welcomed more than 900 enthusiastic attendees from governmental authorities, healthcare organizations, academic institutions, and scientific departments of manufacturers.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Xin Sun, President of ISPOR West China and Director of the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, reviewed previous research work and achievements during past two decades made at the Center, and announced 3 initiatives. First, the MAGIC China Center, focusing on rapid evidence synthesis, assessment and translation, was founded with the support from Professor Per Olav Vandvik, the chief executive director and cofounder of MAGIC. Second, in the developing the real-world evidence initiatives, ChinaREAL has partnered with Xiamen Health Medical Big Data Center and Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Ningbo Yinzhou District to develop the real-world data research base. As a final event, the first series of Technical Guidance for Real-World Data and Studies were released, which represented a milestone event for developing real-world data and studies in China.


China Annual Congress on Real-World Data and Studies

22-23 June 2018

New! The China Annual Congress on Real-World Data (RWD) and Studies will be held on 22-23 June 2018 in Chengdu, China. This 2-day conference program features the Clinical Research, Evaluation, and Translation (CREAT) forums, two plenary sessions, and other oral presentations. The CREAT Forums cover areas including observational RWD methods, surgical and devices clinical research, pharmacogenomics methods, and clinical research methods for traditional Chinese medicine. The first plenary focuses on the use of RWD for drug and device re-evaluation, and for coverage and payment decisions in the Chinese setting. The second plenary will discuss the value of real world studies from global perspectives. Dr. Marc Berger, an ISPOR RWD expert, Peter McCulloch, Professor of Surgical Science and Practice, University of Oxford, and the BMJ’s expert will provide valuable insights and share their perspectives. About 600 participants are expected to attend this important event.

National Forum on Real World Evidence and Healthcare Decision Making


July 7-9, 2017

Co-organizing with the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, the ISPOR West China Chapter hosted the first National Forum on Real World Evidence (RWE) and Healthcare Decision Making on July 7-9, 2017 in Chengdu, China. This is the first academic event in China on RWE. The supporting organizations included Wu JiePing Medical Foundation, West China Hospital, BMJ China, IDEAL China Center, Journal of Evidence-based Medicine, and Chinese Journal of Evidence-based Medicine. The forum focused on four theme topics: 1) Global Perspective of Real World Evidence, 2) Real-World Research and Clinical Translation, 3) Real World Evidence and Drug and Devices Evaluation, and 4) Real World Data in China. There were over 300 participants across China with some high-profile attendees including Professor Dakui Ying, former Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Trish Groves, Deputy Editor of The British Medical Journal (The BMJ), Dr. Xinling Li, Section Director of the National Center for Drug Reevaluation Center of the China FDA, and Professor Kun Zhao, Director of the China National Health Development Research Center. Professor Xin Sun, the President of ISPOR West China Chapter made a speech on the initiative for Establishment of China Real World Studies Alliance (ChinaREAL), a nationwide consortium of researchers and users of real world evidence. The purposes of ChinaREAL are to bring together a group of research scientists, clinicians, and policy makers across the country and take the lead in pushing real world evidence movement forward in China under the directorship of Professor Sun. 

At the opening ceremony of the Forum, Dr. Trish Groves, Deputy Editor of The BMJ presented the prestigious BMJ Award of Excellence to Professor Xin Sun and his CREAT team (Clinical Research, Evaluation, And Translation) to honor their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the development of evidence-based medicine in China. Professor Sun is the most prolific author of The BMJ from China who published 9 articles over the past seven years. This is the first time for the BMJ to give this Award to a Chinese author, which indicates that Professor Sun and his CREAT team, and the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center are well-recognized by a top international journal of medicine.

Real World Study Methodology Training Program


3-4 December 2016

New! The Chapter organized the Real World Study (RWS) Methodology Training Program on 3-4 December 2016 in Chengdu, China. The program was free to attendees and aimed to provide technical support for students and researchers who were interested in real world studies. This two-day training program contained three sessions:

  1. Pragmatic Trials,
  2. RWS Based on Medical Database, and
  3. Systematic Reviews of Real World Evidence.

Over 15 speakers from academic institutions and pharmaceutical industries were invited to present on a variety of topics related to real world studies. It attracted approximately 120 participants from 18 provinces around China.  

Contact Information


 West China Regional Chapter Office

Chinese Evidence-Based Medicine Center West China Hospital 
Sichuan University 
Chengdu, Sichuan, China 610041 



Chapter Leadership

PresidentXin Sun, PhD
President-ElectTing Xu, PhD
DirectorLingli Zhang, MD, PhD
DirectorMing Hu, PhD
SecretaryJing Tan, PhD
TreasurerChunrong Liu


The Opening Ceremony of Congress on Real-world Data and Studies in 2019


Real World Study Methodology Workshop in 2016


Dr. Trish Groves, Deputy Editor of The BMJ presented the prestigious BMJ Award of Excellence to Professor Xin Sun in the National RWE Forum in 2017


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