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Health System and COVID-19 - ISPOR Kenya Chapter Perspectives

The COVID-19 pandemic has added extra burden to the healthcare system in Kenya.  As of March 27, the country had 31 confirmed COVID-19 positive cases with one fatality. In view of this, the government has enforced a raft of measures to contain the spread in the population including;

a. Self-quarantine, staying away from crowds, congregations
b. Regularly washing hands with soap, sanitizers and water
c. Learning institutions have been closed
d. People are now working from home
e. Health care workers and researchers are working round the clock 
f. In order to protect public from the impact of economic shock the government has taken up a number of measures

 We are seeing the Kenyan Ministry of Health consulting and engaging other partners in making critical decisions heavily borrowing from the HEOR model. To ensure that the donations i.e. testing kits meet the highest standards, the government has emphasized that such donations must be safe and effective. No chances are being taken. In general, the Ministry of Health is doing everything that is possible to contain the spread of the virus. So far, there has been no escalation of new infections. With the measures already taken, the country is optimistic that the situation will be contained. Any kind of support from donors, organizations or governments is welcome to help mitigate the effect of this pandemic. 

Meeting with Health Economics Students from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK in Nairobi, Kenya: February 18, 2019

During the meeting, the chapter shared information about its membership composition and recent activities, including research and publication projects, contribution of presentations to HEOR conferences, and involvement in the adoption of HTA policy in Kenya.

ISPOR Kenya Chapter and Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industries Meeting, February 6, 2018, Nairobi

HTA in Kenya

The topic of HTA in Kenya was the focal point of the meeting held on February 6 in Nairobi, Kenya, organized by the Chapter in cooperation with the Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industries and Roche Kenya. As a result important stakeholders were identified and the implementation framework for HTA process was agreed as the topic for the next phase of discussions. 


ISPOR Kenya Chapter is Organizing the 2nd Annual Chapter Meeting 

Introduction of New ISPOR Regional Chapter Constitution and ISPOR Regional Chapter Affiliation Agreement to the ISPOR Kenya Chapter Members

ISPOR Kenya Chapter is organizing the 2nd Chapter Annual Meeting to be held on 14 July 2017 at Kenya Medical Training College, Kisii County.

Dr Dominic Mogere, President of the ISPOR Kenya Chapter is extending the invitation for the meeting to all ISPOR Kenya Chapter Members (the invitational letter and the programme of the meeting are attached). 

During the meeting, Dr Mogere will introduce the new ISPOR Regional Chapter Constitution and ISPOR Regional Chapter Affiliation Agreement to all ISPOR Kenya members for their information and discussion. 

The programme includes the brief reports from ISPOR Kenya members who have participated in the past ISPOR International Meetings held in US. Dr Mogere will present a report about chapter's ongoing activities as well as will communicate about the elections of the new chapter officials.

Brief reports on the Health Bill 2014/2015 and the role of ISPOR Kenya Chapter in operationalizing HTA in Kenya, donation and distribution of books to partner institutions will be introduced during the meeting. 

Outgoing ISPOR Kenya Chapter officials will give a warm welcome to the newcoming leadership. (Report from ISPOR Kenya Chapter).

2nd ISPOR Kenya Chapter Meeting-Programme

2nd ISPOR Kenya Chapter Meeting - Invitation


Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health Economics in Kenya: A Workshop on Status, Prospects, and Options


A collaboration between ISPOR Kenya Chapter and Departments of Pharmacy, Global Health and Health Services, University of Washington

The "HTA & Health Economics in Kenya" workshop, held on July 29, 2015 in Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya, laid grounds for HTA capacity building in Africa. Organized under close collaboration between the ISPOR Kenya Chapter and Prof. Lou Garrison from the Departments of Pharmacy, Global Health and Health Services, University of Washington, the workshop program included presentations on topics, such as:

  • Introduction & Overview of Health Economics and HTA
  • Current Status of HTA and HEOR and Potential in Kenya
  • Examples of HTA Implementation in the Australia, Thailand, UK, and US

Prof. Garrison and Prof. Joseph Babigumira (also from the University of Washington) led the workshop with presentations by the regional experts in health economics: Dr. Dominic Mogere, Dr. Tim Oketch, and Dr. Shadrack Owando. The workshop resulted in a discussion on the necessary steps towards HTA capacity building in Kenya and a successful implementation of technology in health care service delivery. Among the invited attendees were representatives of key regional institutions: Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya, Health Action International-Africa, Division of Malaria Control, The School of Pharmacy-University of Nairobi, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Great Lakes University of Kisumu, National Health Insurance Fund, National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Program.

“It was a great initiative by ISPOR to bring all stakeholders in health and appraise them on HTA and most importantly for creating a forum for stakeholders to discuss possible ways forward. It was a privilege for me. I am a pharmacist with the Ministry of Health and I currently undertook the University of Nairobi HIV Capacity Building Fellowship Program-Health Economics track, which presented me with this opportunity. I look forward to more similar workshops in the future, especially on participating and charting the way forward towards the establishment of HTA in Kenya as per our National Health Policy. This presents a great opportunity for the ISPOR Kenya Chapter!” Dr. Nancy Mucogo Njeru, Officer, Health Sector Coordination & Intergovernmental Affairs, (HSC & IGA), Ministry of Health, Kenya

Following the workshop an immediate Technical Working Team was selected from the ISPOR Kenya Chapter members who will be responsible for developing an HTA policy paper. For more information on the group and the project, please email:

Workshop Program

Presentation by Prof. Lou Garrison

Presentation by Prof. Joseph Babigumira

Organizers Bio

Statement from the President of ISPOR Kenya Chapter

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SecretaryAlfred Osoro, BSc. N, MPH, PhD (c)
TreasurerCharles Obutu, BSc.CHD
Director Alvin Mogere, BSc.CM

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Prof Lou Garrison, University of Washington (center) with participants of the HTA and Health Economics in Kenya workshop


ISPOR Kenya Chapter members in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital


The Chapter President (2nd from left) and Executive Committee Members

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