Statistical Learning: 
What is it? How does it relate to machine learning and AI? and How is applied in healthcare?

January 30, 2019
1:00 EST | 7:00PM CET | 6:00PM GMT - 1 hour in duration
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Speakers: Harry J. Smolen, MS, BS

There is much press, scholarship, and funding addressing the use of statistical learning and its related topics of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. However, as with many “hot topics” in healthcare there is much hype, and the non-expert can be disheartened with the lack of introductory information on the topic and its applicability. This talk will address the following points:

  • What is statistical learning?
  • How does statistical learning relate to machine learning and AI?
  • General principals in the application of statistical learning
  • Common methodologies for the application of statistical learning
  • Examples of statistical learning applied to healthcare

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Harry J. Smolen, MS, BS
President and CEO,
Medical Decision Modeling Inc.
PhD student, Purdue University

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