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Reflections from Amsterdam

Considerations When Meta-Analyzing Diagnostic Test Sensitivity and Specificity When an Adequate Reference Standard ExistsRed Bullet
In this article, Wolowacz et al. examine common issues related to the measurement of health state utility values for economic models in clinical trials, and introduce the work of the ISPOR Task Force which is developing best practice guidelines.

Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOAs). How Long Do They Take to Complete and How Burdensome are they for Patients?Red Bullet
In this article, AbuDagga and colleagues use data from the 2007 National Home and Hospice Care Survey to describe a cultural competency training (CCT) provision scale and examine the role of organizational and leadership factors on the adoption of CCT.

The Value of Oncology Therapies and Emerging Access Hurdles: Germany, Canada, and the United StatesRed Bullet
This article from Lee et al. details an inquiry into recent value paradigm shifts and emerging market access and reimbursement hurdles in oncology in three key countries–Germany, Canada, and the US–and identifies what can be learned from the evolving landscape for developing access strategies and value propositions.

How (Not) To Assess the Social Value of Medical Interventions for Ultra-Rare Disorders (URDs): Recommendations from the URD Evaluation Project Red Bullet
Michael Schlander and colleagues report on an expert consensus recommending that the evaluation of drugs for ultra-rare disorders (URDs) should insist on strong evidence of clinical benefits, whereas meaningful economic analysis may require an entirely new evaluation paradigm, capturing social value beyond the aggregation of individual health gains valued by individual preferences.

Letter from the Editor

The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research New CEO and Executive Director-Nancy S. Berg
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